Monthly Archives: June 2014

25 Jun

Why Do A Third Of UK Families Lack Life Insurance?

Life insurance can be the financial buffer which stops a painful bereavement becoming a financial catastrophe. While there’s more to life than money, an effective financial plan recognises the fact that everyday actions have a financial value. To put it another way, if we were left unable to carry out these activities, we’d have to

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18 Jun

New Parents Ignoring Life Insurance

Having a first baby is a steep learning curve. One of the first things new parents may have to learn is how they can adapt to survive on minimal sleep. It’s also expensive. Cots, prams, car seats and other paraphernalia all need to be bought to keep the newborn safe and healthy. Putting these together

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10 Jun

Life Insurance For The Over 50s

Life may begin at 40 but life insurance companies can be wary of taking on customers who are over 50. At the same time the fact that people are living and working for much longer means companies have to recognise this age group as a potential “silver mine”. Because of this some companies have been

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05 Jun

Mortgages: Making Sure You Account For Everything When You Apply.

There is plenty to be upbeat about in the current financial climate; unemployment is falling and, miraculously, so is inflation. New confidence in the housing market has developed as a result of the government’s Help To Buy policy and new mortgage applications are at a new high. Whilst all of this is undoubtedly good news,

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