Monthly Archives: July 2014

31 Jul

What Type Of Life Insurance Is Right For You?

No one likes to consider their own mortality or think about what might happen to those they might leave behind, but life being the unpredictable thing that it is, it’s an important set of plans to implement sooner rather than later. There are plenty of ways of setting aside money for your spouse and children

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09 Jul

Our Top Ten Ideas For Remortgaging

Remortgaging has become much more challenging and complex in the last few months due to new Government regulations that stipulate that borrowers must not be allowed to take on more debt than they can afford. This means that remortgage deals will only go to borrowers who can prove their financial well being and lenders will

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01 Jul

Can The Self-Employed Still Get A Mortgage?

Many people accept that the concept of a job for life is long gone. Redundancy is widely recognised as a fact of life in the modern workplace. Many people in full-time employment have very variable incomes, depending on actual hours worked and targets achieved. In spite of all of this however, lenders still tend to

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