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15 Apr

Becoming a Property Investor with Buy to Let

Talk of “the housing market” often focuses on buying property and in particular the challenges facing first time buyers.  There are, however, a number of people for whom renting is an appropriate lifestyle choice.  The most obvious example of this is younger people, who are still forming relationships and establishing themselves professionally.  Renters, of course,

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02 Mar

Remortgaging Benefits and Pitfalls

According to a survey carried out by Ipsos Mori for Panorama, 31% of people who rent or have a mortgage find that payments take up more than a third of their total household income.  Even if your mortgage payments are below this level, if they are a significant part of your budget then getting the

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26 Nov

How To Get The Most Appropriate Remortgage Deals

In the next twelve months an increase in the base rate of interest is highly likely. Rising house prices caused by the government’s Help To Buy scheme have reached levels that are causing alarm at the Bank of England and a rate rise is the only measure that can slow them down. Home owners may

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06 Nov

If You’re Not Moving, You Could Save Money On Your Mortgage

Professional mortgage advice can be as valuable to those looking for remortgage deals as it can be to first time buyers.  For many people, their mortgage is their single biggest expense.  It therefore follows that getting the most appropriate deal can be their single biggest money–saving opportunity. Interest Rates Can Go Up As Well As

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20 Aug

How To Trim The Fat Off Your Life Insurance Bills

The less likely you are to make a claim on your insurance policy, the cheaper the premium you may be offered.  In terms of life insurance this means that the younger and healthier you are, the less you might pay.  While there’s nothing anyone can do to stop the march of time, there are still

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06 Aug

How A Long-Term Fix Could Help You Out Of A Short-Term Fix

Applying for a mortgage under the new affordability criteria is arguably the financial equivalent of a visit to a doctor with an embarrassing complaint.  You’ll almost certainly find yourself being instructed to disclose details of your lifestyle that you may prefer to keep private.  Even though you can trust the confidentiality of the people concerned,

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31 Jul

What Type Of Life Insurance Is Right For You?

No one likes to consider their own mortality or think about what might happen to those they might leave behind, but life being the unpredictable thing that it is, it’s an important set of plans to implement sooner rather than later. There are plenty of ways of setting aside money for your spouse and children

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09 Jul

Our Top Ten Ideas For Remortgaging

Remortgaging has become much more challenging and complex in the last few months due to new Government regulations that stipulate that borrowers must not be allowed to take on more debt than they can afford. This means that remortgage deals will only go to borrowers who can prove their financial well being and lenders will

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01 Jul

Can The Self-Employed Still Get A Mortgage?

Many people accept that the concept of a job for life is long gone. Redundancy is widely recognised as a fact of life in the modern workplace. Many people in full-time employment have very variable incomes, depending on actual hours worked and targets achieved. In spite of all of this however, lenders still tend to

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25 Jun

Why Do A Third Of UK Families Lack Life Insurance?

Life insurance can be the financial buffer which stops a painful bereavement becoming a financial catastrophe. While there’s more to life than money, an effective financial plan recognises the fact that everyday actions have a financial value. To put it another way, if we were left unable to carry out these activities, we’d have to

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